TeamSpeak³ Rules

  • With connecting to the Teamspeak you accept our rules!

    §1.1 naming

    The nickname should match the ingame nickname. Possibly. the nickname can be supplemented by another nickname.

    Nicknames must not contain offensive or other prohibited or protected names or parts of names.

    §1.2 Avatar

    Avatars may not contain pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law.

    §2.1 handling tone

    Dealing with other Teamspeak users should always be friendly. Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited.

    §2.2 VPN

    Using a VPN is strictly prohibited on the entire Teamspeak server.

    §2.3 Channel-hopping

    Channel-hopping (the constant jumping from one to the other channel) is prohibited.

    §2.4 Record calls

    The recording of conversations is allowed on the entire server only after consultation with the present users of the corresponding channel. If a user does not consent to the recording, the recording of the conversation is prohibited.

    §2.5 absence

    In case of prolonged absence, the user is asked to go to the corresponding AFK channel (s).

    §3.1 kicking / banning

    A kick or spell is at no time unfounded, but should encourage reflection on one's own behavior. Inappropriate kicks / bans must be reported to the responsible admins.

    §3.2 TeamSpeak³ rights

    Teamspeak rights are not awarded indiscriminately, but always serve a specific purpose. If necessary rights can be addressed to the responsible admin.

    §3.3 Right to give instructions

    Owner, admins, moderators and supporters have full authority. Denying a particular statement can lead to a kick or a ban.

    §4.1 Advertising

    Any kind of advertising is prohibited on this server. Advertisement through audio tracks or avatars is strictly prohibited. Possibly. can be turned to a competent admin to negotiate a way to advertise.

    §4.2 hacker attacks

    Any attack against this server is punishable and possibly prosecuted.

    §4.3 Privacy

    Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be publicly exchanged. A team member will never ask for sensitive data, such as user passwords.

    §5.1 Own music / sounds

    The recording of own music, or the transfer of other unwanted sounds is prohibited.

    §5.2 Bots (especially music bots)

    No bots may be connected to the TS3 server. Bots may only be connected in designated channels, and only if no other bot is active in the channel.

    §6.1 Channel Rules

    Server rules can be overridden or extended by channel rules. It is important to follow the channel rules.

    §6.2 Registration requirement

    All users are required to follow the TS3 server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, it must be reported immediately to a team member.

    §6.3 Support utilization

    Any kind of support usage will be punished with a ban!